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Branding on R.K International Stationery Products

R.K International have been in the market for more than 12 years now and the company makes books for all the segments including Schools, students, office etc. There are more than 30,000 books which enter the market every day and in the direct hands of the customer. These books have an attractive cover page and on the back side there is ample space for your advertisement. The entire back page can have your product information and also your image. It can also support QR code which can be linked to the company’s website or promotional page. The main advantage of the books is that it has to be with the students for the entire year and thus the brand is promoted throughout.

The company’s brands Aniket & Yuvaan notebooks and Cartridge Drawing Books are extremely popular amongst the students, parents and teachers community. We have an efficient and professional team dedicated to marketing and distribution of our products in the states of Delhi & NCR regions. We have been considered pioneers to introduce innovative and colorful book cover designs, which are very popular amongst the student community.

With the help of modern equipment’s incorporating state of the art technologies, we are able to manufacture 30,000 books per day. Our target group caters to a wide spectrum of people ranging from school students, college students and even corporate. Keeping this in mind, the company has decided to come up with a scheme for those companies having a similar target group to advertise their products on our book covers. Our clientele includes esteemed names from different industries like writing instruments, chocolates, garments, watches, theme parks, movies etc.

Why go for Branding in R.K International Products?

  • Brand Leader having all India presence.
  • Highly focused and clutter breaking advertisement.
  • Advertisement can reach to the state of your preference according to your marketing plan.
  • The book along with your brand goes everywhere the student goes increasing the visibility of your brand. It is sure to be noticed not just by them but by their teachers, parents and associates alike.
  • Shelf life of the books is more than 6 Months.
  • Best medium to reach the mass.
  • Buying of the stationery in India is still done by the mother hence you are reaching the major decision maker.

Comparison between different Media of Advertisement:

Media Viewer ship Life Recall Reach to T.G Competition Cost
T.V Not Fix 30 sec As per cost not fix 300 channels Avg.2000 per 10 sec
Radio Randomly 30 sec 10 times a day not fix Many Stations Avg.700 per10 sec.
Newspaper Randomly 1 day 1 Day not fix Language Wise Avg.500 per
Outdoor Randomly as per duration 1 Month not fix Many hoardings Avg.50000 per month
Rk International Note Books Continuous minimum 1 year 1 Year Direct Just 1 or 2 brands Just Rs.1 per book (Avg.)

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